"Two eyes behind the lens are not enough. Only love can welcome the moment."


Jacqueline Domin

Jacqueline Domin is a self-taught naturalist art photographer born in Paris, France.
Winner of many awards for her photographs’ pictorial beauty, she has been living in Italy for about 25 years.
Here she teaches breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques.
Her photographs are the result and consequence of long and slow meditations en plein air. Domin's shots are contemplative and actively participate in the creative energy of nature.

"My photographs are neither digital nor computer processed. I use two simple (and a bit old) cameras with one of them underwater. Both cameras have films and no flash, as I only use natural light.
During the photographic shots I direct or hold my breath (guided breath) depending on the mobility or immobility of the subject. In doing so, I do not use the tripod. In some places I practice meditation that allows me to get more in touch with what surrounds me.

I pay great attention to light, in order to better welcome the glorious moment that it creates.
The sky’s sign is everywhere and water, in all its manifestations and transformations, preserves its memory.
Nature is animated, it has an internal aim, a project, a participation in a whole that transforms itself.”
"Water as a source of life is always present in my photographs" JD.